booksNEW! Crooked Candy Canes

What to do? What to do?
Santa’s sleigh is stuck in the snow and just won’t budge! Christmas Eve is just hours away! Will his helpers get  the sleigh unstuck and Santa off in time to deliver his presents  to all the good little girls and boys?

“Crooked Candy Canes,” is a delightfully, funny story for children of all ages. Slip and slide into this happy Christmas tale!

Ole Mackerel

Sigurd and Tor had been making plans all through the dark, cold winter. When the first, sunny, spring day finally arrived in Ardal, they were ready. The Mackerel were running and these two old fishermen were after the biggest catch ever!

There is just enough room in the boat for you to tag along, so hop in and we’ll be on our way!

Ivar The Short But Very Brave Viking

Come with Ivar as he faces a fierce Forest Troll, a pair of lake dwelling Water Trolls, a fiddle playing Fossegrimmen and finally a three headed Mountain Troll all in order to return the little lost Mountain Troll Kitten to its rightful owner. In the end, the kindness he shows to all he meets along the way is rewarded with kindness in return.

The Terrible Troll Cat

Come along with Johannah and Lars as the begin their quest to silence the Terrible Troll Cat, so the Princess can rest. This delightful, Scandinavian folktale has a surprise ending that will delight all who read it.

Back in print and now available in paperback!